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Puppeh video!

Kai is fierce!

playin' with an avatar maker...heh

Tiny...or is he???

I fed Tiny this morning I got to thinking: Tiny isn't really tiny any more. Part of the reason I was calling him Tiny is that I wasn't sure if he'd survive. Now that he's not tiny and he's thriving, doesn't he deserve a real name? Noelle suggested Dexter. If I remember correctly, in heraldry "dexter" is the left side of the shield from the viewer's point of view. That's the side that Tiny has the blue patch on his head; it would be very appropriate! 'Sides, it's rather cute...


New puppy pics: Exploring!

Too many new pics to post here. Go to http://silvaniigs.com/Puppies.html to see Kai & Tiny trying "real food" and exploring their world! :D

Tryin' out "real" food!

Look guys! This is noms!

Hmmm, I think I likes this!

"Tiny! The edge of the pan isn't edible!"
"Don' care! Tastes good to me!" nom nom nom

Jeepers Creepers!

Kai has eyes! :D

And a few more pics, just 'cause I can:

Tiny tongue

I seeee you!

Big Kai yawn!

Sleepy Tiny showing off his belly

Blinding you with Tiny cuteness!!!

Ok, so I couldn't decide which of these was cuter, so I'm posting them both!

Tiny & Kai

See the size difference?

Ah! Momma!

I gots milk in my eye!